More About the Show!

You are either a true crime crime obsessive or you are not.  You are either a podcast person or you are not.  I love true crime, and I love podcasts.  If you are like me, you are always burning through true crime podcast episodes and always looking for the next best show.  

Janel is neither a true crime obsessive nor a podcast person.  So we true crime weirdos get to listen to stories, some we may even be familiar with, through the fresh eyes and ears of Janel.  It's like getting a chance to see Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad all over again for the first time.  

Along the way, we'll go on the occassional tangent, discussing our lives, careers, and families.  However, the focus will be on the stories, the details, and most importantly, the victims.  In the end, we take these stories, and our lives, seriously, but not too seriously.  Please join us!